Are you going to lead or follow ……………………

Need to capture a prospects attention?

Virtual reality is the perfect medium . An immersive experience in VR engages your prospective client to spend more time in a VR media compared to any other platform.

Brands across many industries have adopted Virtual Reality. Forbes reported that 75 percent of the world’s most valuable brands have a VR or AR experience.

Thomas Cook offered a VR flyover of the Manhattan skyline, resulting in a 190% increase in purchases for New York City excursions. 

Smaller companies and brands have recognized how powerful VR is and integrated VR into their marketing.

In a recent survey of 1300 people, 71 percent of respondents said a sponsored VR experience is reflective of a forward-thinking brand.

62 percent of respondents said VR experience increased brand engagement.

Leverage the VR experience to  connect, collect and communicate your brand

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